12 abril 2004

Otro de regalo

Supongo que el resultado de éste no se va demasiado de la realidad, aunque creo que no soy tan tirano. Ahora que lo pienso... soy el Tirano Gorpik, claro.

You are a real leader.
Strong, wise and full of emotion, you have a lot of control or will have in future.
People respect you and you believe in yourself too.
But you want to have too much control of others.
Thats very selfish.
You have your own life, yes, but you control other human lives.
Can make them do things they don't want to and sometimes seem a little bit hard.
And you can express your opinion very well, even if you don't believe it yourself.
You can say that you made something of your life and used others.
But every rose has its thorn, right?

~Is your life a lie?-9 Results+Beautiful Pictures~
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